Richard Styner

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     Computers are the future. As time passes, they will increasingly be a part of everyone's lives. What are some of the ways computers are used (or misused) in our society? When, if ever, will computer 'intelligence' surpass even the human brain? What will that mean for us all. Increasingly, computer-brined robot displace humans and Hackers steal our very identities. At the same time, computers have been used to develop the internet, the most extensive source of information ever. Blogs have become a important source of relaying the real news. Computers have so much potential for both good and bad, surely all can benefit from knowledge of these fantastic machines.      By taking computer science, you have taken the first step towards understanding a device which will impact your life in a major way. I hope this class is both fun and informative for you. I will show you the way to gaining this knowledge, you must act to receive it. This is not a passive experience.