Richard Styner

Welcome to Mr. Styner's
Intro to Computer Science Class!

Teacher: Mr. Richard Styner
Contact:(510)290-5217 or [email protected]

    In this class, the student will learn about computers and programming.  This is not a typing class.  By the end of class, Your will have experience programming a computer, have developed a web page,have written many programs and know how a computer runs! The class will also address some of the current concerns of computers and society, such as: Can computers think?, Computer Virus' impact on society, and Moore's law. The course is largely self-paced, so participation is important.  Missing days will hurt the participation grade. 

We will be covering the following topics, in approximately this order:

First Term

Second Term

Numbering Systems and ASCII

Careers in Computers

History of Computers

Cascading Style Sheets


Hacking and Society

Web Page Authoring with HTML

Editing Pictures with Photoshop

Artificial Intelligence

Creating Landscapes with Terragan

Moore’s Law

Making Animated GIFs


Introduction to Programming


Javascript Programming

Grading Policy:

The grade will be based on the following:

Participation: 25%

Tests and Quizzes: 20%

Daily Work 25%

Projects: 30%

***All students are required to purchase a USB “flash” drive for this class. This is for you to save files. Small drives cost about $12. I can get them and sell them to you at my cost at Fry’s electronics, or you may purchase your own. Must have by next week Friday

These basic rules must be followed.

         Students must have a signed AUP on file with the school: Without this document, you will not be able to fully participate in this class. This is very important!

         No talking while anyone is addressing the class. If the class gets to talkative, you can expect a new seating chart.If I begin writing on the board, YES, you are supposed to be taking notes. If I ask you to move to another seat, just do it.

         No eatingor gum chewing in class. Computers are highly sensitive pieces of equipment. which are extremely hard to replace. No food or drinks allowed. Food will be confiscated and discarded.

         Do not alter the desk top or other computer configurations without the teacher’s permission. These computers are not yours. Other people must use them, therefore, do not make changes.

         No unauthorized downloads or installations or games! Computers have limited disk space, therefore do not download Napster, MP3’s, games, IMnor anything else without the express permission of the teacher.

         Back up all work!!!! On the teacher’s computer there is a disk for storing back ups of all work. You will also save it on your computer, and on you web page if possible. Save often in case of equipment failure. You cannot get a grade on lost work.

         Do not erase any files that you did not personally create without the express permission of the teacher. Doing this makes life harder for everyone.Other people work hard to produce things for this class. If you are caught it will be trouble!

         You need to bring a pencil, a log book, a notebook and your USB drive to school with you every day. USB drives are fairly cheap (around $12

         Do not, ever, use the words “boring” or “free day” in this class. Some parts of this class will be note taking. This will not change because you don’t like it. Free days will never happen, you can count on it.

         Do not bring inappropriate items to class If I see photos, dice or cards out during class time, I will confiscate them and you will have to have your parents get them for you. Enough said. If you have a cell phone, turn it off and put it out of sight.

         Do not copy other’s work or do work from other classes in my room. Copying from someone else is cheating, and will get you and the person you copied from a zero on the assignment.

         Suspension policy: Because the nature of this class is self paced, you are responsible to manage your own time. If you are caught purposely on a forbidden site, as defined in the AUP, you will be suspended from the class until a conference can be held with your parents. If you are playing a computer game in this class that you did not personally create, you will be first warned, then referred, with detention, then placed on a behavior contract.